Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Playing for NSW - 2015

Bernard Foley standing in front of the Sydney harbour bridge

Believe.2014. was an extremely successful campaign. Derived from a swell of confidence and belief from our fan base after Michael Cheika's first year as head coach, Believe.2014. was born. Instantly it was taken up by the members and fans as they spread the word across social media. When the NSW Waratahs won the trophy at the end of the year, it was a perfect end to a sensational campaign.

The Waratahs were suffering fincancially after the 2012-2013 seasons and there was no budget for this campaign so existing action images were used. To tie in with the 140 year celebration of the NSW Rugby, I implemented a stiking vintage 2 colour poster effect with elements of transparency. The campaign was aimed at developing on the seriousness of the 2013 Bring.It.On. campaign. The Believe.2014 campaign tried to recapture the action and excitement fans had started to experience again at the home games.

Playing for NSW logo

Some examples of the execution of the campaign in Chairman's club. The stage, and lightboxes.

Lightboxes and pullup banners

The marketing campaign is driven entirely through the event presentation, as you can see with these large
10 x 10m banners on field at the ANZ Stadium Final

Lightboxes and pullup banners

Some frames from a medium rectangle advertisement showing the campaign style. The NSW Waratahs 2014 creative received a above average CTR according to APN via their site.