Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Playing for NSW - 2015

Bernard Foley standing in front of the Sydney harbour bridge

Following the success of the previous year when the NSW Waratahs won the Super Rugby Championship. We developed a campaign for 2015 that took the NSW Waratahs messaging back to it's core values, focussing on the thing that drives the players to success, the state of NSW.

The campaign features a centred layout showcasing NSW Waratahs players set against the stunning iconic Sydney Harbour.

I directed the photo shoot, utilising photographer Karen Watson's experience to bring the campaign to life, setting her photos of the players against my photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The campaign was developed on impossibly tight deadlines and and even tighter budget. Despite the challenges, it was well received by our opinionated and critical fan base. If you want to know more about how tight those deadlines actually were and how I navigated the team smoothly around the problems we faced, emailme@benholgate.com.

Playing for NSW logo

I developed the Playing for NSW logo as a crucial graphical element to be included in every execution of the 2015 campaign. Due to it's importance to the players, it is mostly shown alongside a player, or at equal size to the NSW Waratahs logo.

Lightboxes and pullup banners

Some more executions of the campaign, this time featuring some light boxes and pullup banners that are displayed at special events and in the exclusive Chairman's Club on gameday.

Playing for NSW campaign ads

A behind the scenes look at the Playing for NSW combined photo and video shoot.

Playing for NSW campaign ads

Advertisement of the games are wide-spread across many digital and print formats, including online news sites, newspapers, social media and outdoor advertising. Above are two examples of a social media ticketing square and three frames of a leaderboard. Unlike previous years, in 2015 we steered away from main headlines promoting each game, in order to heavily advertise the price point whcih sets us apart from the other codes.