Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Competition photography

I have learnt a lot from competitions; they push me into areas of photography I would never venture into otherwise. I like the challenge of doing something new, learning about topics I know nothing about, and believe that my photography has improved from the constant stretching of my abilities.

A finalist photo from Canon Photo5 competition.

This little ant who lives in a gutter in a suburban street
in Shoal Bay was an unlikely model for a photo I
took for the 2009 Canon Photo5 competition.
My photo was one of ten finalists, selected by
the judges from a pool of over 1,200 photos.

The photo did not win the major prize, but it is used on television commercials and citylight advertisements each subsequent year to promote the competition.

Some photos from the EOS competition

A selection of photos from the 2011 Canon Photo5 competition. The categories, panning, low-light and action.