Portfolio: Ben Holgate


This is a passion of mine, I find it to be a perfect match between both cranial and physical execution. I love the whole process, from communicating with the client through to conceptualising and then finally developing a visual solution.

I find happiness in any medium but I do have a soft spot for poster art and watercolour. Below are some of the artworks I've produced recently.

The great wave of kanagawa

This is my reproduction of the great wave of Kanagawa to accompany an article about income protection. I reproduced the artwork from scratch using digital watercolour in Corel Painter. The addition of the priests in the wave's path as well as the little priest standing on Mount Fuji with a bullhorn tailored the great wave to the article.

the cover of ifa magazine showing the great wave
Illustration of a handful of angry butterflies

This is a collection of butterflies emerging from their cocoons with purpose. I created it to accompany an article on emerging markets. It was created by scanning coloured cardboard pieces and arranging them in Photoshop to achieve a realistic cardboard look.

the cover of ifa magazine showing the angry butterfly
Illustration of a girl walking on a tightrop

I produced this to accompany an article about fixed interest. It was created in illustrator using scanned pencil strokes on paper to generate a papery look.

the cover of ifa magazine showing the girl on tightrope
Collage of wartime images

This artwork accompanied an editorial comparing financial advisers to war-camp detainees. It is a digital collage with photos sourced from the book.

Ivan Advisovich collage
A sketched girl in four different positions

A non-published work, this is an assignment from a Diploma of Commercial Arts I successfully earned in 2011 with CATC. The brief for this assignment was to design four cartoon mascots for a fair celebrating the 50s. The mascot had to be in four different positions, eating, shopping, directing and waving. This was rendered using markers.

A truly rewarding assignment, the second component was to bring it to life digitally, then print and bind a flip book.

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Dog with frisbee

One more non-published work from my diploma showing character development is this cartoon mascot I developed for a packaging assignment.