Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Colonial First State redesign project

Redesigning the CFS intranet was a large and challenging task. The site was old, had been maintained poorly by the business and was not widely-used. My task was to establish what the company wanted so I set about holding focus groups with both division management and groups of employees. The results from these meetings were enlightening and directed the design of the new intranet.

I then worked with the Commonwealth Bank technology team to integrate the new design into the CMS SharePoint. Many features used on other Commbank intranet sites were implemented to ensure consistency, whilst still maintaining the CFS branding.

screenshots of the cfs intranet site

Screenshots of the intranet site as it was being developed into SharePoint. The new design was in-line with CFS's branding and featured a much more flexible layout that was easier for its users to update. This reduced strain on IT resources to make simple content changes and allowed the business to successfully own their own content.

screenshots showing the wireframes

Wireframes showing the final architecture after the focus-groups had been held.

a screenshot of the old intranet homepage

The old inflexible non-CMS-based intranet home page.