Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Morningstar Media Events' System

For years the event manager at Morningstar Media struggled along with an out-of-the-box finance system, IT were required to manually create registration forms and there were constantly errors (mostly human) that meant the majority of payments were taken manually over the phone.

I worked with the event manager and IT to deliver a new event system that improved the situation for everyone working on events.

The new system is able to:

The introduction of the new event system has given the event manager control over her own events, has reduced a considerable strain on IT support and has improved the professional image of Morningstar Media to it's clients. This event system is now being implemented across all Morningstar events globally.

Screenshot of the main page of the events' system.

The home page of the event system with test data.

Screenshot of the mock-up of the home page

The design process was totally user-centric. Interviews were held with IT and the event manager to establish what each group needed while feedback from clients provided insight into how the forms were used.

The shape of the system was determined by its purpose, a focus was maintained on simplicity and ease of use.

The image to the left is the original mock-up for the event system homepage, created in Balsamic mock-ups showing revisions for the developer.

Screenshot of the registration form in action

Shown to the left is a form automatically generated
by the event system and loaded via iframe into the
ETF Strategy Day conference website. Once the
iframe is set up, the event manager can log into
the event system and change the form. The
changes will be reflected immdiately.

As the forms are now generated automatically, the system is much more robust and events are set-up without the assistance of IT, much to their delight.

A live version of the form can be seen by selecting 'register' at masterfundsconference.com.au or smsfroadshow.com.au (opens in new window)