Portfolio: Ben Holgate

Colonial First State Websites

I worked for CFS for 6 years as a web designer. During that time, I managed the content of about 20 websites, redesigned existing sites, created promotional microsites and worked closely with the marketing department to deliver the companies online brands.

I essentially grew-up as a designer in the CFS Application Services team and look back on that time with fond thoughts.

Colonial First State public site
Colonial First State FirstNet

The CFS public site (left) and FirstNet (above) was where the majority of my time was spent at CFS. Constant marketing initiatives meant this site was always in flux. New sections needed to be designed and existing sections were constantly modified. Regular creation of flash advertisements and managing the content across the site were the daily activities. The site was asp-based and content-managed by ClearCase.

RealIndex Microsite

I worked with the CFS design studio to produce this microsite for a new fund offered by CFS. I was responsible for taking the design from a flat image to a functioning website within the CMS ClearCase.

Realindex microsite
CommInsure Intranet

Another site I managed whilst at CFS was
the CommInsure intranet site, I was part of
the team that worked on its redesign and my
other responsibilities were the regular management
of the content such as news stories.

Colonial FirstWrap microsite

The FirstWrap microsite was created to promote a new investment platform. I worked with a small team of designers to make this site come to life and then was responsible for it's constant shaping.

CFS Gam website
CFX graphs

Another aspect of the role at CFS was the
quarterly updating of all property information
on the CFSGAM sites. This involved updates to
over 50 different properties including building
floor plans, maps, graphs and sales figures.