Portfolio: Ben Holgate


I have over six years experience in electronic direct marketing, which has made up a large part of my roles at Morningstar and the NSW Waratahs. My experience covers everything from the technical creation of responsive html email templates, through to data management, campaigns to grow the data and professional practices. At the heart of every EDM I build is my philosophy: to make each email beautiful, meaningful and accessible to as many people as possible.

Responsive email design in iPad, Macbook and iPhone

Featured above is the NSW Waratahs responsive eNewsletter which looks amazing in all major email clients and devices. Working closely with the NSW Waratahs communications manager, I have been directly responsible for a massive increase in database numbers, upwards of 1,000%. The quality of a database and it's performance are also of great concern to me. The current delivery rate of the Waratahs EDMs are around 99.7% and the open rate average is around 50% which in EDM terms is huge. If you want to know more about what I think makes a great EDM, please emailme@benholgate.com.

Three examples of Waratahs EDMs

Above shows three examples of some of the different types of EDMs I've produced for NSW Waratahs.

Screenshots of emails created for companies

Three examples of Solus EDMs I've created prior to my work at the NSW Waratahs.