Portfolio: Ben Holgate

NSW Waratahs Website Redesign Project

When I took the digital reigns at Waratahs Rugby, one of the biggest frustrations was the limitations of the existing website. It was built with old technology, hadn't been maintained correctly and was bascially not fulfilling it's purpose as a one stop shop for fans to engage with the brand; I'm sure you known of such websites.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to lead the website into the 21st century with the redesign project. For me, the project's focus was on simplicity and accessibility; providing a way for Waratahs members and fans to get what they want, in as few clicks as possible, on whatever device they happen to be using.

The redesign was a great success! If you are interested in knowing more about the results, please contact me.

Please visit waratahs.com.au to see the site in action.

The Waratahs new look website
Mobile devices

The new-look website is made responsive using media queries that target all screen widths and rotations.

screenshot showing the entire content of the Waratahs home page

While it looks a little busy in this zoomed out format, the new-look Waratahs homepage, allows most people to access exacly what they are looking for with only a simple downward scroll.

four screenshots showing the new site's navigation and large arrows on news items

The site's architecture was reduced to two levels and the nav bar was customised to allow for a consistent experience across all devices (and finger widths). Other navigation buttons were optimised for touch screen devices such as in news items and player profiles. A strong emphasis was placed on introducing textual elements where appropriate to ensure high quality experience and accessibility. Visit waratahs.com.au now to view the live site.

The Old Waratahs template

Here's two examples of the old inaccessible, incompatible Waratahs website.

Move along now...nothing to see here.